Having Trouble Charging Your Device?

If you are having to wiggle your power cord just right to get the battery charged, or cannot use your laptop whatsoever unless the adapter is sitting in just the right position, it's time you think about Plexis Solutions DC power Jack Repair service.

This Flat-Fee Power Jack Local & Depot Main-in Service is an affordable solution to finally having your notebook's power jack fixed. Don't waste any more of your time and money sending your machine to inexperienced dc-jack repair centers. Often times, those repair centers usually end up sending them to us to fix anyways. So cut out the middle man, it's cost-effective, convenient and quick. If a dc-jack repair is not performed properly, or by an experienced tech, you face the chance of having your motherboard burned, not to mention the machine damaged during dis-assembly.

We have hundreds of power jacks in stock that accommodate about 90% of the dc power jack market. For those rare or specific jacks that are not in stock, we will order immediately and still have your machine back up and running and out

the door in no time. Our repair service is a flat-fee of $85.00 as opposed to replacing your entire motherboard which can range anywhere from $250.00 – 800.00, depending on your make or model.

This is a repair for DC power Jack only, if any other issues exist, we will email and notify you.

All of our flat-fee dc power jack repairs include:

  • DC-Power Jack Repair

  • Internal/external notebook cleaning

  • Application of new CPU Thermal Grease

  • Pre-paid UPS Ground return shipping


We repair dc power jacks for all manufacturers. Here is a small list of common units sent in for repair:

  • Acer

  • Apple

  • Asus

  • Dell

  • eMachine

  • Gateway

  • HP/Compaq

  • Lenova

  • Lexmark

  • Sony

  • Toshiba

Repair Costs



Turn Around: 3–5 Days



Turn Around: 1–2 Days



Turn Around: 1–2 Days