Remote Support

Plexis Solutions is a leading business and technology company. We stand out from the competition by getting to know our customers so that we can properly assess their needs to provide them with efficient and cost-effective solutions.

We believe by staying true to our core skills, these services that we are the best. By focusing on these key areas, we are able to hone our skills to provide customers with the best possible services.

PLEXISONCALL is our remote helpdesk solution that allows our support representatives to remotely connect with you, wherever you are, to help you with your IT issues.

We understand the importance of making your technology work efficiently at all times, so whether you're having a software problem, a hardware problem or just need help, we're here to help.

As long as you have access to the internet, we will be able to access your computer by downloading our remote support software and providing us with the identification code that appears on your screen.

The typical service schedule is Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm, but we provide after hours and emergency remote support, by appointment only.

Remote Support Software Download


It is very important to remember that there are scenarios where a remote support or help desk can not solve problems, due to the need for a practical approach. We will always provide our best effort and due diligence to correct the problem. If a practical approach is needed, we will inform you immediately and advise you on the recommended next steps.

Typical Scenarios

  • Virus/Malware Problem

  • Microsoft Exchange Server Crash

  • Pop-Up windows on the system

  • Driver issues (sound, printer, video)

  • System lock, random reboots

  • Networking issues

  • Troubleshooting The Server

  • Messaging Problems

  • System Optimization

  • Windows Training

  • Microsoft Office Issues